Apple Gets Into the Game With Live Sports Updates

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Apple has also gotten into the game by introducing a new feature called Live Activities in iOS 16. This is a lingering interactive notification that will show real-time updating information directly on an iPhone’s lock screen and Dynamic Island (if supported). The app currently supports MLB games, NFL football, NHL hockey and men’s and women’s college basketball and soccer games. When other leagues come into season, Apple will add them to the mix.

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There’s no official word on how or when Apple will expand this feature to other apps beyond the sports app that it already offers, but some developers have started taking advantage of this feature. For example, the MLB app has been offering push notifications for baseball games since the end of 2017, and there are reports that the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will support the Live Activity feature as well. There are also rumors that Apple may offer an alternative sports app for iPhone users, with expanded view options and up-to-date information for a paid subscription.