ATO Protection – Protect Your Website, Mobile App and API Against Account Takeover Attacks

ATO protection

ATO protection helps your organization prevent unauthorized access to user accounts.

Account takeover attacks occur when hackers gain control of legitimate user accounts and use them to steal information or perform malicious actions. This may include changing account details, stealing financial information such as stored credit card numbers, or planting ransomware or malware.

ATO protection have historically targeted financial institutions but have expanded to all organizations with a customer-facing login. According to the 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon, the most common motivation is financial – cybercriminals seek out the quickest and simplest means of making money.

Bad actors have increasingly targeted e-commerce sites for their high value of online accounts. These accounts can be used to purchase items and collect loyalty points.

Protecting Your Business from Account Takeover: A Comprehensive Guide to ATO Prevention

To achieve this, bad actors will target the account of a key person within an organization and use social engineering tactics to get them to give up their login credentials or data. They also use brute force attacks and phishing emails to compromise the login process.

The best ATO protection solutions offer ongoing monitoring to identify suspicious behavior that might represent an account takeover attack before it occurs. This includes detecting if accounts are being accessed from an unfamiliar device, location or IP address and if they are coming from a compromised account.

PerimeterX Bot Defender identifies and blocks modern ATO attacks in real time to safeguard your website, mobile app and API against these threats. Using machine-learning models and behavioral analysis, it identifies sophisticated bot techniques that are difficult to spot with traditional rules and policies.