Forklift Train the Trainer

forklift train the trainer

A Forklift Academy train trainer is an important position to have in the warehouse and can save a lot of time, money, and headaches. The trainer will be responsible for the overall fleet of on-site lift trucks and will have to be highly organized. They must be able to keep track of all certifications, violations, and training dates. In addition, they must have superior managing skills and be able to correct and retrain operators that are not meeting standards.

Building a Safer Workplace: The Role of Forklift Train the Trainer Courses

A proper train-the-trainer class will be two days at minimum and work on a pass/fail basis, allowing the instructor to demonstrate their knowledge and skill in forklift operation before being certified. It should also cover how to properly instruct new employees and conduct an OSHA regulated practical evaluation. Lastly, the trainer should be familiar with any type of truck attachments that are used at the workplace. This is a requirement because an OSHA letter of interpretation dated July 23, 2003 notes that an operator should have experience operating the forklift with certain attachments like barrel clamps, carpet poles, and personnel baskets before they can instruct others on safely using those attachments.

Look for a program that is upfront about the cost and includes all training materials. Beware of programs that try and extract money from trainers every three years, this is a red flag. Lastly, choose a trainer course that does not expire. Trainers do not have to be re-evaluated by OSHA, as they do with forklift operators, but they should stay current on safety regulations and be able to spot potential problems with equipment or improper operation by their trainees.