How Does IPQS Work?

In the world of eCommerce, fraudsters are constantly trying to scam sites and users out of money, causing chargebacks and other problems for businesses. IPQS is a digital protection platform that offers tools to prevent this from happening, and it works in a variety of ways to safeguard websites, user data, payments, and more.

One of the main ways IPQS website does this is by offering email validation, which is a service that can identify temporary or disposable emails and other suspicious characteristics. Another way is by providing IP address reputation risk analysis, which looks at a connection to determine whether or not it may be a botnet or malware network. IPQS also offers a phone number validator that can verify the accuracy of a phone number, including carrier data, line type, and more.

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Lastly, IPQS can offer threat blocklists to identify bad actors in real-time. This includes blacklists for expired credit cards, fake or stolen accounts, emulators and spoofed devices, leaked user data, and more. This can help to reduce fraud losses for all types of businesses, and it can also increase conversions and sales.

For those who are interested in this software, there is a free trial available to try the basic version of the platform and see how it can benefit their business. Additionally, there are a wide range of pricing plans to suit all budgets, from small business to large enterprises. The best part about IPQS is that it requires no setup or maintenance, as most of the work is done automatically by the software.