Industrial Paint Contractors

industrial paint contractors

Unlike commercial industrial painting contractors, industrial paint contractors specialize in applying protective coatings to large structures like manufacturing plants, warehouses, and storage tanks. They also provide a variety of surface preparation and sandblasting services in addition to their painting work. Their work often requires a high level of skill and precision as they navigate tight spaces with limited access and oftentimes in harsh environments. When searching for an industrial paint contractor, look for credentials like NACE or SSPC certifications and knowledge of the industry in which your facility operates. This will help ensure they understand the unique challenges of your environment and can take the necessary precautions to keep their work and employees safe during project completion.

Protecting Your Investment: Industrial Paint Contractors and Surface Maintenance

In most cases, industrial paint contractors work with a team to complete projects and must adhere to strict deadlines and manager directives. They often wear full PPE (personal protection equipment) including respirators such as cartridge, partical, and organic, and safety glasses to protect themselves from hazardous materials.

A quality industrial paint job should last for a long time, which means that your contractor should use only high-quality materials and be able to deliver projects on time. They should also be able to handle any special requests or requirements your facility may have such as a certain color or reflective coatings that bounce heat away from walls instead of absorbing it. This can save your company money on energy costs and reduce temperature spikes in your facility, which will benefit your production output and employee comfort.