Marketing Luxury Penthouses for Sale

Luxury buyers seeking a chic urban lifestyle are drawn to penthouses for sale. In addition to spacious living spaces, these properties offer access to downtown conveniences, including boutique shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. The real estate market in urban areas is dynamic, and the best luxury penthouses for sale often feature a mix of old industrial and modern construction, attracting a variety of buyers.

Are penthouses worth it?

Highlight the panoramic views a penthouse for sale offers, and use drone photography to showcase sweeping landscapes. This type of marketing can set a property apart from its competitors, and can be an effective way to reach younger generations who are eager to make the transition into a penthouse home.

In a city like New York, where a penthouse in a historic building can sell for $100 million or more, it’s important to understand what discerning buyers want in this type of real estate. The most sought-after features include spectacular views, a rooftop deck and a variety of outdoor living space.

The top floor is also known to provide more privacy than lower floors, and penthouses are more likely to have oversized windows that allow owners to enjoy breathtaking views of their home’s surroundings. Many sellers will even offer a free brochure that highlights the most impressive aspects of a luxury penthouse, as a way to encourage prospective buyers to contact them for more information.