Scuba Diving in the Japanese Garden, a colorful coral garden in Aqaba Jordan

Scuba diving at the Japanese Garden has nothing to do with diving at Cedar Pride, making
the two a perfect match. In this case, the Japanese Garden offers an impressive variety and
quantity of corals and fish. It is a kaleidoscope of colors made up of both soft and hard
corals. In addition, among all the fauna that you can find, the hawksbill turtles (although we
did not see any), moray eels, lionfish, clownfish in their sea anemones (yes, the fish from
" Finding Nemo"), schools Huge numbers of lyretail fish, hedgehog fish, emperor angelfish,
butterflyfish … Come on, that’s a real sight to behold.

After crossing a field of sea grass we reached the corals. Although it is true that you can
snorkel in the Japanese Garden is highly recommended, diving is a much better
experience. In addition to being able to go deeper and being able to be face to face with the
corals, the size of the ones you find here is much greater; as well as the variety and quantity
of fish.

Any qualification you can give the Japanese Garden would fall short. In fact, it became our
favorite scuba/snorkel spot to see coral of all the ones we visited in Aqaba. As the minutes
go by you do not stop being surprised by everything you see. There are corals of a lot of
colors and shapes. Some of the ones we got to see were several feet tall. Impressive.
Furthermore, they were surrounded by hundreds of fish. Seriously, what a nice place. We had
heard well about diving in the Red Sea, but today not only confirmed what we had heard, it
made us promise that we would have to return there one day.

Before finishing the dive in the Japanse Garden we made " a stop to rest a bit." There, in the
middle of nowhere, the dive centers had set up a place with chairs to sit on, a chessboard, a
bed, and even a stationary bike. This was crazy. We couldn’t help but laugh the moment we
saw him.

In addition to a large number of corals in First Bay North, many of them blue in color that
we had not seen so much in the Japanese Garden, there are also a few really nice fish. The
most prominent are the spectacular lionfish. We saw several of them, both black and brown.
Other animals that we saw, but that it was impossible for us to take a photo of, were squid.
They are tremendously beautiful since you can perfectly see how they change color and even
how they change their chromatic pattern. They looked like a store with neon lights! In the
area, you can also see octopuses and groupers, but in our case, we could not see any.
The day had been intense, full of emotions and surprises. But this did not end here, we could
still enjoy one more morning of the Red Sea of ​​Jordan. It would be the next day, but that is
already a story for another post.