The Trusted Source for Cannabis in Saskatchewan

Trusted Source for Cannabis in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a province that isn’t known for its cannabis scene. In fact, it has the lowest rates of cannabis consumption and per capita usage out of all Canadian provinces and territories. This is perhaps because it’s a very rural and agricultural province that relies on industries related to natural resources such as oil and water. Learn more

However, there are still many people in Saskatchewan who consume and cultivate marijuana. The province is a great place to grow, as the climate has a continental climate with long summers that can be used for outdoor cultivation. The growing season in Saskatoon, the most populated city in the province, averages 115+ days.

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Compared to all other Canadian provinces and territories, Saskatchewan is the second-most common location for medical marijuana dispensaries, with over 50 stores. These are regulated under Health Canada and provide medical marijuana to patients.

When it comes to methods of consumption, the most common way that Saskatchewan residents use cannabis is by smoking it. This was followed by eating it in food and vaping with a device such as an e-cigarette or vape pen.

Saskatchewan residents who choose to grow their own marijuana should know that the provincial cultivation laws differ from those of Manitoba and Canada as a whole. The province allows for the cultivation of four plants per household, which is less than the federally mandated limit. In order to avoid legal complications, it is important that growers adhere to these varying cultivation laws.