Welded Fence Mesh Installation Near Me

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The mesh for the fence is a sheet of steel rods fastened with lintels. It can be ordinary or volumetric with V-shaped ledges; such fences are called 3D fences since they are three-dimensional structures. The metal mesh panel can have different heights, the number of jumpers, the distance between the bars.

Regardless of the variety, all fence meshes are distinguished by:

  • high strength and rigidity – they cannot be bent or broken, and to have a bite, you will need special tools and a lot of time;
  • resistance to corrosion and other influences;
  • high anti-vandal qualities;
  • light transmission ability – do not block light and visibility;
  • lightness – the structures are light in weight, so they are easy to transport and install;
  • Reasonable cost – today, a mesh panel fence is the best alternative to expensive brick and wrought iron fences.

It is not necessary to erect expensive fences to protect the territory from the entry of unauthorized persons. You can buy a welded fence mesh and install it on a profiled metal support; the level of protection will be the same.

Additional protective structures can be placed on mesh fences: barbed wire, security barriers, electroshock systems, sound warning equipment, etc.

Such an obstacle cannot be overcome, especially if modern security systems’ initial characteristics are strengthened.

The convenience of work.

Here you can order everything you need for your 3D fence – screw piles, simple fasteners, egoza, gates, and gates of non-standard sizes

Flexible pricing policy.

We can offer several options for your order: “standard,” “business,” “premium.”

Professional installation.

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