Coastal Clothes

The coastal clothes grandmother aesthetic is the latest TikTok trend to make its way onto our FYP (that’s “For You” page for those who aren’t familiar with TikTok acronyms). Coined by TikToker Lex Nicoleta in March, the laid-back style blends minimalism with preppiness and a hint of nautical flair. Think: breezy linen, shirt dresses, white turtlenecks (even in Summer), breathable canvas sneakers, straw hats, a classic button-down cardigan draped over the shoulders, and a closet full of neutral shades like eggshell, ivory and khaki with the occasional pop of beachy washed blue or green. Basically, it’s the closet of a character played by Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give or Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated.

To nail this style, start by swapping your dark jeans for a pair of light wash denim. Then, opt for wide-leg linen pants or a pair of shorts that hit at the ankle. Tan and olive capris are ideal, as well as a reimagined take on the Gen Z-driven mom jeans trend (think: a pair that hits at the ankle instead of mid-calf). Top your look with a soft crewneck sweater or a woven cotton tee for a polished, yet relaxed feel. And don’t forget a chambray shacket, which makes for a stylish replacement to your overly structured jean jacket.

Coastal Clothes: Embrace the Spirit of the Seashore in Your Wardrob

Finally, finish off your look with the perfect pair of sneakers. Choose a natural color like tan, brown or olive and opt for a canvas pair with a leather-like insole that won’t suffocate your feet on hot, humid days. As for a hat, try this straw hat from J.Crew, which can be rolled up and will stay that way without looking wonky or misshapen.

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