Halloween Clay Bead Bracelet Ideas

halloween clay bead bracelet ideas

Clay bead Easy Does It Beads are easy, fun and inexpensive. They are perfect for kids and adults of all ages to make as a quick, relaxing craft project. They are also a great idea for gifting to friends!

Clay beads are small disc-shaped beads that range in size. They are usually 6mm in diameter and have a 2mm hole. They are most often made from polymer clay, a type of PVC material that is non-toxic and pretty durable. These beads are popular for crafting because they are durable, lightweight and very affordable. They are often used in a variety of projects and are available at most craft stores.

Easy Does It Beads: Simple and Stylish Bracelet Ideas

This halloween season, try something different by making a cute friendship bracelet using bright color pony beads! This fun diy project is a great way to show your friends how much you care about them. To start, cut a piece of string that is long enough to wrap around your wrist (plus 3 inches). Next, slide the pony beads on until the bracelet is full of colorful strands. When the bracelet is finished, tie a knot with all four colors of string and trim off any extra.

If you want to make your bracelet a little more fancy, you can add some golden beads in between the colored beads to add a little sparkle. You can also add letter beads with your friend’s name to personalize the bracelet and make it even more special.