How to Find the Best Pest Control in London

Pest control is necessary to remove pests from your property, such as rodents, birds, wasps, hornets, bed bugs and cockroaches. Pests carry dirt, disease and bacteria, which can put you and your family at risk or damage your home or office. They can also cause structural damage, with gnawing from mice and rats damaging pipes and floorboards and pigeons dislodging roof tiles. Pests can also create unpleasant smells and stain or damage personal items, like clothes moths and bed bugs.

How much does it cost to call out pest control UK?

When looking for a pest control company, find one that specializes in your type of problem. They will have the experience and expertise to help you get rid of your pests quickly and safely. They should also be licensed and certified to apply professional pest control products. They should also be knowledgeable about the Control of Pesticides Regulations, which requires pest control operators to use only approved products and ensure that they are properly stored and applied.

Most pest infestations require a combination of treatments, such as baiting and trapping, spraying and fumigation, and blocking entry points into the property. Your pest control technician should explain the treatment plan and how long it will take. For example, a service for a wasp nest will only take 30 minutes, whereas a rat infestation may take up to 8 hours. Some pest services even offer same- or next-day appointments, including weekends and Bank Holidays. These are great options if you need emergency pest control, such as a hornet’s nest in your attic or a rat infestation.