Off the Plan Conveyancing Melbourne

Buying a home or investment property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. It is important that you surround yourself with highly experienced professionals to ensure your transaction is as stress-free as possible.

Off the plan off the plan conveyancing melbourne melbourne involves the purchase of a property that has not yet been completed, usually a new apartment or house that is under construction. It is a very different process to purchasing an existing property as it requires you to be able to envisage the finished product through building plans, designs and specifications. There are many unique considerations when you buy off the plan which is why it is very important to engage a specialist off the plan conveyancer.

When you buy off the plan, you generally have a contract to purchase which is subject to a number of special conditions. These conditions set out what the developer must do in order to deliver your finished property. These can include small changes like paint colours, to major ones such as size and floor plan.

Maximizing Value: Navigating Property Deals with Budget Conveyancing in Melbourne

Our team can help you understand the impact of these conditions on your settlement and will liaise with the developer to resolve any issues that arise. We will also keep you updated as the build progresses and as settlement draws closer to ensure that everything is ready to go on the day of settlement.

Many off the plan contracts have clauses that require you to pay holding costs (like council rates and owners corporation/body corporate fees) even before you own your new property. We can help you identify these contracts and negotiate to have them amended before they cause a problem with your financing.